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    • July 25, 2021 5 tips when you're new pole dancer
      5 tips when you're new pole dancer

      5 tips when you're new pole dancer

      This post is about the sweet honeymoon phase when you've just started your pole dance journey! Here's a few tips and tricks and what you can expect when you are a new pole dancer ✨

      1. Create good habits

      The essence of any good workout schedule is creating good habits around your workout and it isn't just about showing up. Because you know what makes you wanna show up? A great training environment.

      In general I've found that pole dancing is one of the most open minded and welcoming training communities ever. So you're off to a good start, but there's things you can do as well to increase it even more.

      Say hello to the other polers in the changing room. Also ask the others in class if you've got questions or try completing someone for that awesome climb they just did! This way you create relations which will make it a lot easier to go to class and who knows, maybe you'll find your pole sister for life.

      2. Start out slow

      When you are just starting out it is always a good idea to take it slow. Let your body get used to what pole dancing does to your body - even if you've been working out for a while in different ways.

      Begin doing pole dance 1-2 times a week and increase from there when you feel like you're body is ready for it. Don't overdue it though as you'll increase the risk of injury. As a rule of thumb only do pole dance classes every two days. This is to make sure you give your body the rest it needs.

      You don't have to do nothing in between though. If your studio offers it then do flexibility classes, try out twerking or maybe try out a different style of pole dancing choreography class. 

      3. Auch! The pole kisses are real

      Pole dance can be quite painful especially in the beginning. Your body needs to adjust to the pressure of the pole and in doing so you will get a lot of the famous pole kisses. 

      Pole kisses are bruises that you get from where your body meets the pole. It varies from trick to trick, but are often found on the inside of the arms, the top of the food from climbing and behind the knees. Don't worry, the pole kisses won't come as big and beautiful and many when you've gotten used to the workout. 

      4. It's okay to be a beginner

      Yeah, that fireman spin may not look anything like the one the pole instructor just did, but that's okay! Allow yourself to be a beginner and be curious about your progress. Try out different ways of doing the fireman spin, do different variations of the body rolls - just have fun. And you'll see that you in no time will nail the tricks and spins! And remember everyone starts the same place.

      5. Accessories for your pole dance routine

      In general pole dancing doesn't require a lot of gear as many other training forms. You need your little, cute pole wear, a cloth (to wipe off the pole) and water. When you get more experienced you can add on different elements to your pole dancing routine. If you try out exotic pole dance, then you might wanna try out some sexy shoes & heels.

      Grip is definitely also good to invest in as you get to the more advanced tricks, or simply because is Summer time. And of course if you wanna improve your flexibility you also wanna look good with cute leggings to keep you warm.

      Share your pole journey with us and tag P+S on Instagram using the hashtag #poleandstretch

    • July 18, 2021 5 myths about beginning pole dancing
      5 myths about beginning pole dancing

      5 myths about beginning pole dancing

      Today we're gonna focus on five of the most common misconceptions that people think are necessary to start pole dancing. And being a stripper or wanting to be one is not one of them, 'cause come on... that ones dead, right?

      Myth 1: I've gotta be skinny

      Nope, you don't have to be skinny to start pole dancing and you also do not need to lose any weight before you start your pole dancing journey! It just isn't true.

      The size of your body doesn't affect your chance a joyful pole dancing routine. Not even in the slightest. All body types are represented in your pole dancing classes and there is no judgement at all about the size of your body. Only welcoming and open arms.

      Pole dancers come in all shapes and sizes and there's actually quite a few plus size pole dancers out there. Why not be one of them?

      Myth 2: I've gotta be strong

      You don't have to be strong before you can start to pole dancing. You BECOME strong by doing pole dancing. Like, what training do you have to be strong before you can start doing it?

      When you consistently go to pole dancing classes or work out at your home pole, then you will become strong and you will become strong in all muscles groups. Pole dancing doesn't just focus on one area of your body that will become strong it is a full body workout. Even though a lot will be in the arms, as we pull ourselves up a lot, you will also gain a strong core, strong shoulders, strong back and strong legs. 

      Myth 3: I've gotta be young

      Age doesn't matter when it comes to pole dancing. Especially not now. Early in the pole dancing history it might only have been women in their 20's doing pole dancing, but today all ages are represented. From the 21 year old single, the 35 year old parent, the 55 year old divorcee and of course the 10 year old whose flexibility we all envy 🙈

      Myth 4:I've gotta be flexible 

      Flexibility is definitely important for doing certain tricks on the pole, but is it necessary to already be flexibly before you start your pole dancing journey? Absolutely not! Just like the misconception about strength; you don't have to be flexible, but you will become flexible. At least if you take advantage of your pole studios flexibility classes. 

      Myth 5: I've gotta be a woman 

      It doesn't matter whatsoever what gender you are or identifies as. Pole dancing isn't just for women neither strength wise or style wise. Even though women are overrepresented in the pole dancing community, more and more men are joining and it's an absolute blessing!

      Pole dancing is a great way to build strength as well as an amazing and beautiful way to express yourself. There are so many different styles of pole dancing and all of them are definitely not only feminine. So why shouldn't men also find joy in pole dancing? 

      Share your pole journey with us and tag P+S on Instagram using the hashtag #poleandstretch

    • July 11, 2021 Pole dancing during a heat wave? Here's how!
      Pole dancing during a heat wave? Here's how!

      Pole dancing during a heat wave? Here's how!

      We've been bickering about the cold for sooo long and now the heat wave's finally here! Sun dresses, drinks by the habour with good friends, barbecuing all day, every day and when you come to pole dancing class you just cannot.. hang.. on.. the.. freaking.. pole.

      I feel y'all, pole sisters! But fear not, we've got a few tricks up our sleeves on how to get through the heat wave and still do a lot of pole dancing.

      Use extra grip 

      Grip is every pole dancers best friend and an absolute necessity during the Summer. The grip will help you stick better to the pole and enable you to do a lot more tricks in the heat. But try not to smother yourself in grip as you will then stick too well to pole and thus no pole flow will come.

      An extra tip is to put on your grip 30-45 minutes before you arrive to your studio! This helps the grip really work its magic 🔥

      Check out all the different types of grip we offer at Pole + Stretch!

      Change your focus

      Maybe not what you want to hear, but sometimes we need to accept that outstanding circumstances affect our lives - also when it comes to pole dancing. During the heatwave it might not be the best time to work on that Allegra or Jade. Accept that sometimes it's just not the weather for improving your pole technique. 

      Work on your flexibility

      You know what a heatwave is good for? Your muscles and hence improving your flexibility! Don't like during flexibility training because you can barely touch your feet? Well, here's your chance to change that. 

      We warm up our muscles before any workout (you do, right?) in order to prevent injuries and give the body the best condition for working out. When it comes to flexibility the heat will give you a great advantage as the muscles are already steaming hot! Maybe this will the day you finally get that split ✨

      Don't work on pole dancing tricks

      Look, the weather just ain't right for pole dancing tricks, alright? So focus your attention elsewhere. There's so much more you can do! Work on those body rolls, leg waves or other floor work. Practice your lines, making sure your hands extend those lines and your feet are pointed. You can focus on finally getting that handstand, build up strength, how to transitions from the pole to the floor. The possibilities are endless.

      Share your pole journey with us and tag P+S on Instagram using the hashtag #poleandstretch

    • July 04, 2021 How to get better grip on your new pole at home
      How to get better grip on your new pole at home

      How to get better grip on your pole at home

      Most people who've got a pole at home know all about the issue with grip - or actually the lack of grip on a new pole. It can be really frustrating when you've got little or no grip at all and your pretty bum keeps hitting the floor insisting on you focusing on your floor work.  But don't you worry! Here's a few tips on how to improve your grip when you've got a new pole at home.

      Don't use lotion

      First tip isn't so much about what you can do while using your pole as much as it is what you can do before using your pole. And that is DON'T USE LOTION. At least not right up to your home session.

      Using lotion tremendously reduces your grip on the pole. So try not to use it and experiment. Every pole dancer is different, so maybe you find that using lotion 24 hours before is fine or one brand is better than the other. Find what suits you.

      Use lotion!

      Use lotion! Yup, contradicting myself here 😉 But the fact is that really dry skin also reduces your grip on the pole. So once again experiment and find out what works for you. 

      Use grip 

      Third tip to help you get through the first stage of ridiculous slipperiness on your home pole is to use grip. There are so many different types of grip. Liquid chalk, wax, DewPoint, liquid rosin, Dry Hands and I could go on forever. What we'd recommend at P+S is to use liquid chalk. It seems to work the best for most people. Sticky Molly's Liquid Chalk is definitely our favourite! 

      Use your home pole a lot

      Final tip? Use your pole A LOT! In time your pole will get better grip simply by you using it. The new poles in the studios are very slippery too in the beginning, but they get better grip quickly as they get used a lot. So use your pole as much as possible 🔥

      If you're about to give up because you just can't get good grip on your pole, you could try and invest in a home pole that's powder coated. Like this Classic G2 Powder Coated 45mm Chrome Pole from Lupit. They offer a better amount of grip that stainless steels or chrome poles.

      Share your pole journey with us and tag P+S on Instagram using the hashtag #poleandstretch


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